SIP Gruppe

Salamander Group


Salamander Industrie-Produkte GmbH, a company where the majority of shares are family-owned, is based in Türkheim/Unterallgäu (Germany) and has three strong business fields. The business divisions are set up in such a way that the company group can work successfully on its markets, tracking trends, making optimum use of opportunities and thus achieving proximity to the market and flexibility.



/// Windows & Door Systems

Salamander Industrie-Produkte GmbH is one of the leading European system suppliers and is a manufacturer of PVC profiles for windows and doors. First-class know-how, outstanding quality, expert service and an attractive, innovative range of products are the main elements in the philosophy of this international company. For more than 30 years now, SIP has been developing PVC profiles for windows, doors and many other window-related applications in close cooperation with its customers. The following window profile systems are manufactured for residential and commercial buildings: Salamander, Brügmann bluEvolution and evolutionDrive.

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/// SBL - Salamander Bonded Leather

Salamander Bonded Leather GmbH & Co. KG can look back on almost 90 years of successful company history. In a special recycling process, leather offcuts mainly from the shoe industry are processed into high-quality leather fibre materials. SBL products are used in numerous applications not only in the shoe industry itself but also for book covers, belts, chairs, packaging and accessories.

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/// Salamander Technische Kunststoffprofile GmbH

Salamander Technische Kunststoffprofile GmbH has been manufacturing profiles from a range of different plastics at its Papenburg location since 1958. Working together with its customers, the company has developed specific extrusion solutions for a wide range of different applications which are reflected in the construction industry or large retail companies (price display systems) among others. In addition, the subsidiary of Salamander Technische Kunststoffprofile GmbH, the tta- Tool Tech Austria GmbH & Co. KG is an expert manufacturer of tools for use in profile extrusion. The subsidiary Salamander Decking, Fence & Facade is a business division which covers the products decking, fence and facade systems.

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/// Salamander Decking, Fence & Facade

Salamander Decking, Fence & Facade focuses on top-quality outdoor profile systems made of Lurchi®-Wood for the application in patios, fencing, privacy sreening, facades and numerous other home-applications. The material basis of Lurchi®-Wood is the Resysta® material mixture, which is well-known in the market and mainly consists of rice husks. Within the company group the system solutions are produced by Salamander Technische Kunststoffprofile GmbH a 100% subsidiary of Salamander the site in Papenburg (Germany). For more information about Salamander Decking, Fence & Facade visit